Welcome at Sixt Fer à Cheval
We have been proposing hikes with pack donkey's since 1995. We offer two possibilities either you can be accompanied by Stéphane a professional "accompagnateur en montagne" who will fascinate you with the tales he has to tell or you can hire a donkey and explore at your own rhythm. We are members of the "Federation Nationale Anes et Randonnées" which groups together many of the professionnals in France proposing hikes with pack donkey's and who commit themselves to a charter of quality.
Guided Hikes
You can be accompanied by Stéphane a qualified guide since 1988 who will share with you his experience in hiking and his knowledge of the mountains. You'll discover the secrets and wonders of our high mountain pastures as you climb up along the trails of the Sixt Fer à Cheval nature reserve. Stéphane will take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy yourself in complete safety. You can simply take a day trip or one of our longer itineraries from 2 to 6 days. Nights are spent either in a mountain refuge or in tents, the choice is yours. Please ask for further details.
Hiring a Donkey  
If you feel confident enough you can go off on your own adventures without a guide. We will provide you with an itinerary and we can also reserve your accommodation in refuges. Before you keave we will spend the necessary time with you showing you hom to handle your donkey (all of our donkeys are very experienced and problems are extremely rare). You can go off on a simple day trip or chose from 2 to 6 days itineraries (longer if you wish). These hikes will take you into the heart of the Sixt Fer à Cheval nature reserve through the high mountain pastures with nights in the mountain refuges or in a tent. It is the perfect way to hike at your own rhythm without carrying all your equipment and is great way to introduce children to hiking. You may also choose to be accompanied by an "accompagnateur en montagne just for the first day or two of your hike if you are a little hesitant about handling the donkey or following the itinerary.
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